Archive | September 2015

Safety Week Bulletin Board


This week is Safety Week.  Come and learn about the Safe Walk Program, Emergency Alert System, 10 Safety tips, and about our program collaboration with Melcher.  We will be having a Black Light Dance on Wednesday, September 30th.  Also, come and learn about some alcohol facts including: information about binge drinking, how much a serving of alcohol really is, and other miscellaneous alcohol facts.

Yoga is Beneficial


Come and learn about yoga!  Learn the definition of yoga, the health benefits, and physical benefits of yoga.  Also, find out about Wellness Tuesdays, and when the next FREE yoga session will occur.

Learn About Academic Career and Advising Center


Here is a new bulletin board: Academic Career and Advising Center!  With the Career Fair approaching fast, one great resource on campus is ACAC.  They will help you with resumes, cover letters, thank-you letters, how to dress professionally, mock interviews, setting up one-on-one interviews, and many other great services.  Also, check out the pamphlet that is provided about ACAC, too!

Here I Stand!


Check out the Here I Stand! campaign forms that some of the ladies of 1 West filled out. These forms ask what you stand for, as well as what you are committed to. If you are interested in filling one out, talk to me or another RA to get a form to fill out.

Board Game Night


On Thursday, September 17th, 1 West hosted a board game night with some of 1 East’s residents joining us.  We played a game called Bandu, in which you stack uniquely shaped pieces on top of a small block.  It was a great night with a lot of laughter and fun moments.

Tips For Setting Goals


Have a goal that you want to achieve, but you aren’t quite sure what to do?  Check out the Tips For Setting Goals bulletin board.  Learn about the types of goals there are, SMART goals, and tips to help you achieve your goal. Also, feel free to add your goal to the board.