Scooby Doo Mystery Board.


“Looks like we have another mystery on our hands!”  It’s time to see how good your mystery solving skills are.  Check out the Scooby Doo Board!  There are prizes for correctly solving the mysteries.

Prizes for Correct Number of Mysteries Solved:

1 Correct: One Piece of Candy

2 Correct: Two Pieces of Candy

3 Correct: Scooby Doo Door Dec

You have until November 13th to turn in your answers, and you will receive your prize on November 13th!  Just follow the directions given on the bulletin board.  Good Luck everyone!


Mirrorless Monday

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Mirrorless Monday originated as a campaign to bring awareness to eating disorders and to promote positive body image.  The purpose of the program is to cover your mirror for a day, and to write positive messages that remind you that you are beautiful, regardless of what you see in the mirror.  It reminds us that the mirror does not define us.

Learn About Donate 4 Me at the Blood Drive

This week, UW-Platteville is holding the annual fall blood drive through the American Red Cross.  If you donate or volunteer, Wilgus Hall will get points, and if we earn the most points out of all of the residence halls, we win a prize!  To make an appointment, go to  Walk-ins are welcome.  Thursday is the last day to donate from 11am-5:30pm at Velzy Commons in Ullsvik Hall.

While you are at the blood drive, come and learn about Donate 4 Me.  The mission of Donate 4 Me is to “raise awareness of the discriminatory ban enacted by the FDA that prohibits people who identify as gay, bisexual, questioning, and/or transgender from donating blood for 1-year.”  In other words, this ban discriminates individuals based on their orientation.

You may be asking, how can I help spread awareness?  According to the Donate 4 Me Facebook page, there are many ways to help:

1.) Donate in the place of someone who identifies as such by taking a picture and tagging it #‎Donate4Me and explain why you are donating in the place of someone who cannot.

2.) Try to find petitions revolved around the ban.

3.) Spread the word via social media about the policy.

4.) Promote Donate4Me and the National Gay Blood Drive.

5.) Contact legislatures to revisit the ban.

To learn more about Donate 4 Me, check their Facebook page at: