Tips for Budgeting and Shopping for the Holidays


Shopping for the holidays can be difficult.  You may struggle keeping a budget, spending money wisely, or look for products in the wrong places.  Well, if you struggle with any of these, check out the gift bag door decs!  Each one has a tip on overcoming these struggles.  You can also take these tips and apply them to your everyday shopping.


Social Media … Got Them Fired


In today’s society, people all over the world are using social media as a way of connecting with people.  Examples of this include posts, pictures, videos, shares, likes, etc.  Another way social media is used is by employers scoping out potential employees.  Did you know that this is becoming more prevalent in the job market?  Come and learn about some statistics on using social media as a factor in the hiring process.

Social media may determine whether or not you are hired, however, it can also be used as a reason to fire someone, too.  Come and read about five stories of people getting fired for what they posted on social media.


Recycled Door Decs


This week, you received new door decs made out of magazines as part of an effort to reuse materials.  This is called upcycling, in which you take old materials, such as clothing, furniture, or in this case magazines, and reform them in such a way that you have a new product/decoration.  Want ideas for upcycling projects?  You can find many great projects on the internet.