Stress Relief Social


On Wednesday, residents of 1 West, as well as a resident from 1 East had a stress relief social.  There were many activities available for residents, including coloring, painting, origami, legos, board games, and other things they wanted to do.  One resident even brought their own coloring book.


Finals Survival Kits


With finals coming up, it is time to start studying.  I made finals survival kits to help make it a little better.  Inside, you will find pencils, pens, note cards, tea, chocolate, and bubbles.  Remember, even though you should study, make sure to take breaks and take time for yourself.  Don’t overwork yourself.  I hope this survival kit helps.  Good luck on finals everyone!

Make a Smoothie Program

On Monday, 1 West and 1 East had a faculty immersion program with Amanda Trewin, a Biology Professor here at UW-Platteville.  We made smoothies, with many different ingredients, including apples, grapes, oranges, cantaloupe, pineapple, mango, strawberries, blueberries, raspberries, spinach, juice, almond milk, and yogurt.  We got to choose our own combination of fruit to make it a personal smoothie.  After the smoothies were made, we sat down with Professor Trewin and got to know her.  She attended UW-Platteville for her Undergraduate!

Holiday Party

Hey 1 West!  Thank you to everyone that came and volunteered at the Holiday Party, as well as the E-board and staff!  This was a great way to help out the community.

For those of you that couldn’t come, we had many great activities and food for the families.  They could paint an ornament, color a coloring page, play pin the nose on Rudolph, bean bag toss, or listen to stories.

Eventually, Santa arrived, and he read the children a story called Santa is Coming to Wisconsin.  Once the story was finished, Santa gave the children their presents.  The children also received a hat and pair of gloves with their presents, as well as a treat bag.

All of the food was funded by RHA and RLFC.   The toys/hats and gloves were donated by various residents in Wilgus and other halls, as well as many companies around the Platteville area.

The Colors of Identity


Hey 1 West!  Come and check out our new bulletin board, The Colors of Identity.   You can learn about your identity, and what components make up your identity.  The quote by Shane De Rolf explains to us that it is important to recognize that we have different components that make our identity; if it weren’t for these differences (represented by different colors you would find in a crayon box), we would only see one color.