United We Stand with Curt Patrouille

On Sunday, February 21st, I attended the United We Stand Lecture presented by Curt Patrouille.  He told us much about his life, including his military service, his family, and an incident that left him burned.  The message behind his story was that he was able to overcome adversity.

What is adversity?  Adversity is something that may be difficult or hard to deal with.

Curt gave us a great analogy about adversity, and overcoming it.  Imagine you have an egg, carrot, and coffee beans.  Fill three pots of water, and put each of these in a separate pot.  Let them boil for a while.  When you pull out the carrots, they will seem soft.  The egg will become hardened.  The third pot will contain coffee.  How does this relate to adversity?

Each of these items faced the same adversity, boiling water, but reacted differently.  The carrot went in strong, however, the water softened it.  The egg went in fragile and liquid, and came out hardened.  The coffee beans, however, changed the boiling water.  In other words, the coffee beans changed the adversity around them.


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