Duck Door Decs


I hope all of you are enjoying this nice weather, as well as your spring break.  Enjoy your new duck door decs!



On Saturday, March 12th, we watched the movie Suffragette in honor of Women’s History Month during the month of March.

What is the movie about?  Suffragette is a movie that shows the suffering/fight that many women in Britain went through to gain the right to vote.  The women realized that peaceful protest wasn’t enough, so they had to take more drastic measures.  They would break windows, react violently, even blow things up to get their point across.  Many of these women were jailed, and went through poor conditions in these jails.

Emily Davidson, a character in the movie, as well as a real life woman that fought for women’s rights, was important to getting the suffragette’s purpose known across Britain.  Her unfortunate story helped lead the way to women’s rights/the right to vote in Britain.