Archive | April 2016

Red My Lips


As you may know, April is Sexual Assault Awareness Month.  As part of the awareness campaign, the Wilgus Hall Staff has decided to do a promotional table at the student center promoting sexual assault awareness.  Specifically, we are doing a campaign called Red My Lips.

What is Red My Lips?  Red My Lips is a campaign that supports the victims of sexual assault by having participants wear red lipstick during the month of April.

The other date we will be tabling is April 26th from 11-1pm.  Make sure to visit as we will be giving out red lipstick, temporary tattoos, informational facts about sexual assault, as well as different resources available for students.

For more information about sexual assault, and resources available to students, check out:

Student Health Services, Counseling Services, Dean of Students Office, University Police, Southwest Health Center, Family Advocates, Sexual Assault Support Group

Weird Interview Questions


Typically, you will get standard interview questions.  However, some companies really want to get to know their candidate, so they will ask unusual and weird interview questions.  Come and check out the new bulletin board “Weird Interview Questions and What They Are Really Asking.”