Women’s Wellness Conference


This years Women’s Wellness Conference was a huge success.  I learned a lot from these sessions, and I wish to share some of that with you.

The first session I attended was You Had Me At Hello presented by Laura Bayless.  In this session, we discussed how first impressions are made within seconds of you meeting someone.  We also discussed how your demeanor and attitude when first meeting someone will impact their impression of you.  We went around the room and introduced ourselves to show how our initial impression of someone and our impression after the introductions compared and contrasted.

The second session I attended was Living an Empowered Life for Women presented by Jennifer deCoste.  In this session, we learned ways that we can empower ourselves as women.  We looked at what our goals are for the future, what is setting us back, why it is setting us back, and how we can change that setback to influence ourselves to be successful.  We then did a short meditation session based off of our goal.  One important thing we did during the session is write down a statement that explains how we plan to overcome what is setting us back that we can put somewhere to remind ourselves why it is important.

The final session I had attended was the keynote speaker.   Heather Shea Gasser presented 10 Reminders for Resilience & Sustainability for Activists, Student Leaders, Social Change Agents, Feminists, Allies, and Revolutionaries.  In this session, she discussed how we as leaders on campus can make change.  We are hear to influence others and impact their lives.  There may be things in our lives that are obstacles, but we can overcome these challenges if we set our minds to it.


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