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My name is Molly Reid and I am a super senior majoring in Business Administration. I have a double emphasis in Integrated Supply Chain and Management. I love my major because it allows me to interact with and make a positive impact on people daily. Learning new skills give people different perspectives that they might not otherwise get to obtain. I am also minoring in Occupational Safety.

I mainly grew-up in Janesville, WI. I happily chose UW-Platteville my senior year of high school and have loved every day since! I have been through many years of college and have had a range of experiences while on campus. I hope to pass my extensive knowledge of Platteville onto anyone that needs guidance or would love to hear some unbelievable stories.

I love to read and sew new projects when I have free time. I am always thinking of something to make! Mysteries are my favorite genre. I love corny jokes and have been known and remembered for my funny bone. I also love to hang-out with family and friends. I have two wonderful golden retrievers named Mable and Ruger. They can be goofy, but are lovable sweethearts! Mable grew-up in an Amish community before she was adopted. If you tell me that Mable grew-up Amish, I will give you a sweet treat!

If you have any suggestions on how to improve the wing, let me know. Feel free to stop by my room with questions, concerns, comments, or some jokes. I wish you all a fabulous day since every day is a great day to be a Pioneer! 🙂